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International United

The United Brand Travels the World

This page is for us to record where the United logo has been on display all around the globe. If you are on holiday and you take your United shirt / hat etc, please take a snap and send it in to us here. Let us know of any conversations you had with the locals about the club.

Countries visited in this album : United States, Norway, China


1: Can't figure out where Mel and Marian were on this one. Oh wait ..... no... still can't work it out.

2: Mel gets the message out at Harvard University, Massachusetts

3: It's our intrepid warriors again back at Harvard

4: Back to Harvard

5: Mel Davis at Niagara Falls.

6: United arrives in Norway.

7: Guess who and, er, where.

8: Rich Morton (brother of United Assistant Manager Luke) fly's the flag in Zante

9: Ok guys, so International sort of means outside of the UK - but just this once from Bournemouth ...

10: Keith pushing his luck again from Torquay

11: Finally someone understands geography! Here is Alan Ward with his 'catchphrase' pose in Minorca.

12: Peter Reynolds fly's the stripes in Yosemite National Park, California, USA