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Welcome to YOUR supporters club.  The Supporters Club was set up in June 2015 by the now Club Chairman Peter Reynolds and a very special group of supporters.  From the start the longer term aim of the owners was for the club to become a community hub and to be Supporter owned.  As membership has grown so has this dream and already 10% of the club has been handed over to members.  This will continue to increase as more members get behind the club.  The Board recognise the importance of giving supporters a voice in the running of their football club and consequently they made the Chair of the Supporters Club a full-member of the Board.  Another seat on the Board is occupied by members of the Executive Committee on a rotating basis.  Your voice counts and you can get your message through by simply letting us know what you want raised. We look forward to hearing from you.  You can also use the Feedback forms attached to this website.  The club has an excellent and timely response rate.

We look forward to the day the club is fully sustainable and is completely handed over to the fans.  We can only make this happen with your support so if you're reading this and you're not already a member please join us and be part of the dream!



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