JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED F.C. | The Dugout: Ladies #5

The Dugout: Ladies #5

Date: 25 January 2018 at 17:51 by Liam Cook

This week on The Dugout, Liam and United Ladies manager Jay Bradford talk to yet again rearranged fixture at Cambridge, England’s new manager and more…


Liam - On Sunday, for the fourth, time, we attempt to play the WPL Cup fixture at Cambridge. Is it just a case of getting this game out of the way now?


Jay - I can not believe this game has not been played yet. Both teams are pretty frustrated with the weather and the situation, but equally there is nothing that can be done, so we just need to be patient and be ready to play when the weather eventually allows the fixture to go ahead.


Liam - What sort of team will we see on Sunday? Could the reserve stars from the Burton fixture be recalled?


Jay - We are taking a really solid squad to Cambridge. It has a real nice mix of first team fan favourites and some of our rising stars. The younger players have been great, they have been in and around the first team sessions and have undoubtedly stepped up and fitted straight in. The Burton game highlighted their potential, we just now need to keep picking the right moments for them to feature and flourish.


Liam - Out of the 4 matches in February, 3 of them are cup matches. Is there a danger of the league campaign being lost in the shuffle?


Jay - We haven't played a league game for several weeks now, so of course it's on the back burner slightly. It won’t drop down the list of importance, it simply gets put to one side as we focus on each individual cup game that comes our way. Other league games have been going on around us, so we have been keeping our eye on results and we will be ready to jump straight back in when the fixtures realign themselves.


Liam - A major appointment in women’s’ football was confirmed this week as Phil Neville was announced as the new England manager. What are your thoughts on the appointment?


Jay - I think in terms of raising the profile of the game it has worked wonders. People that have never even thought about the women's game are talking about Phil Neville. However, they are talking about it because of the controversy, and I hope they stay interested when games are being played and the Lionesses are competing in major tournaments. I would like the FA to underline the process behind appointing Neville and how they are planning to support a coach that has never coached within the women's game.


Liam - As a star of the men’s game takes a huge role in women’s football, are the walls between the genders starting to crumble? Could we see a female first team coach in the men’s game soon?


Jay - I think barriers are certainly being broken and I hope Neville aids the process and treats the England job with the respect it deserves. I personally can't see a female coach stepping in to the male game any time soon. We have so few females in top flight jobs in the female game, so I would be amazed if a club were to appoint a female when there is so much at stake. Managers last for such a short period of time, so putting a female in charge of a male team would just heighten the pressure on the club and it’s board.


Liam - And finally, this weekend marks 2 years since CUTV’s inception. What effect has the increased coverage of the Ladies team has this season on the team and the fans?


Jay - I think the coverage is fantastic. For the fact that we have highlights, commentary and goal of the month, it's great. It allows everyone from players to fans to relive moments, and for me that's priceless. People that can’t make games can still stay involved and the channel really has pushed the profile of not only the women's section, but Coventry United as a club and as a brand. WELL DONE, keep up the great work.