JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED F.C. | The Dugout #18

The Dugout #18

Date: 25 January 2018 at 17:20 by Liam Cook

Crikey this week has been quiet. No competitive action for 2 weeks! But the period of inactivity is over as Coventry United travel to South Normanton Athletic on Saturday. CUTV’s Liam Cook and United Assistant Manager Luke Morton talk through the big matters of the week.


Liam - South Normanton have endured a tough start to life in the MFL Premier Division. How big of an opportunity is this fixture for United to end their winless run?


Luke -  The next game is always the best opportunity to get a win, and this Saturday against South Normaton will be no different. Although they haven't won as many games as they would have liked, they are certainly no pushover and they have been close in all but 2 of their league games. Also they gave league leaders Coleshill a run for their money last Saturday and if it wasn't for some controversial referring decisions, the result could of been a lot different.


Liam - Performances have been much improved lately. What will it take to get United back to winning ways?


Luke - We have been playing a lot better recently, but at the end of the day it's the 3 points that matter and we need to do all we can on Saturday to get them. There are a few things that need to happen, a bit of luck for a change would be nice, but we know you make your own luck. Our concentration when defending as a team needs to be a lot better, and we also need to be substantially more ruthless in front of goal.


Liam - One man in the South Normanton team will be more familiar than most. How big is the task of keeping ex local favourite and EFL journeyman striker Marcus Tudgay quiet?


Luke - Obviously Marcus Tudgay is a top class player, so our defenders will have their work cut out, but i am 100% confident in our players to rise to the task and let Marcus know he has been in a game. The thing is South Normanton are not a one man team, and they have numerous players we will have to keep a close eye on. I would also say that we ourselves have players of top quality that South Normanton will need to be wary of.


Liam - Some fans are bemused as to why striker Craig Reid left the club on loan. Can you shed any light on this matter?


Luke - The Craig Reid situation is quite straight forward to be honest. Those people at the Q&A will fully know the reasons behind the decision. For those not at the Q&A, the reason Craig has left is purely a cost saving reason and nothing more.


Liam – Has the recent exodus of players come to an end? And furthermore, will the team selection become more settled after the departures?


Luke - There is no guarantee that no more players will be leaving. Even with our squad of players is doesn't mean we won't be chopping and changing the team. We will pick the best squad we feel is right for each and every game.


Liam - And finally, as this weekend marks 2 years since the first CUTV broadcast, what effect has the coverage had on the club, team and fans?


Luke - It's been fantastic having CUTV working alongside us. It's given the club as a whole a lot more exposure and I am sure everyone enjoys watching the highlights, especially when we win (which hasn't been much lately) and the coverage is always top notch. I know those fans that can't make it to the games enjoy the live feed that CUTV provide so that is another great service.