JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED F.C. | The Dugout: First Team #17

The Dugout: First Team #17

Date: 12 January 2018 at 08:00 by Liam Cook

A week off playing duties has been anything but time off for the Red and Greens. CUTV’s Liam Cook and United Assistant Manager Luke Morton discuss the management team’s rallying call, Bobby Moseley’s exit and the Khalsa game…


Liam - Yourself and First Team Manager Terry Anderson released a statement this week admitting the season hadn’t gone to plan. Why did you feel it necessary to explain yourselves?


Luke - It's pretty simple really, we felt the biggest part of this club, the fans, deserved an explanation and an apology. The best way to do that was by putting the statement out there.


Liam - Has the competition this season been harder than expected?


Luke - It's been extremely tough, but we knew it would be. We just haven't performed consistently enough throughout the season, and myself and Terry take responsibility for that.


Liam - What would a satisfactory end to the season be?


Luke - It's plain and simple, to win as many games as possible and to finish as high as possible.


Liam - The club are putting together a 10 year plan to elevate the club to the top flight of Non League football. Do you see yourself staying with the club for those 10 years?


Luke - I have never even thought about being at the club that long. I am just happy to still be here now and feel privileged to be involved in such an exciting project.


Liam - Bobby Moseley left the club this week to join Paget Rangers. How did this move happen?


Luke - Bobby is a top lad and he gave us everything whilst he was with us. He never once let us down. Bobby hadn't been getting as much game time as he would of liked just of late so asked to move on. He goes with our blessings and we wish him well at Paget Rangers.


Liam - With the Khalsa game coming up, is the weight of expectation taken away when a title chasing club comes to town?


Luke - Not at all. Yes, Khalsa are an excellent side and are in the hunt for the title, but we are at home so we expect to win and we want to do everything we can to get that win to give our fans something to cheer about.


Liam - With so many games called off in recent weeks due to the weather, how could this effect United’s chances of putting a good run together in the closing stages of the season?


Luke - It will certainly be tough playing so many games in a short period of time, but the lads will be fully prepared for it and they will be giving 100% in every game. Playing twice a week can benefit you if you can get on a winning run because it breeds confidence. Playing so frequently will keep the lads togetherness even higher.