JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED F.C. | Terry & Luke issue a rallying call

Terry & Luke issue a rallying call

Date: 07 January 2018 at 19:13 by Terry Anderson and Luke Morton

Dear Supporter

Well it hasn’t all gone to plan so far. A great new stadium, a big increase in support and lots of good ideas being put into practice, but whilst we have a great set of players, we haven’t hit the heights we had hoped to on the pitch so far this season.

We are the first to acknowledge, though, that your support has been steadfast and what little dissent has reached us from the terraces and through one or two eye-popping posts on social media, really tells us that people care and are disappointed. 

Coventry United is not used to being ‘average’ or ‘mid-table’ or the term ‘winless run’; it was going to happen sooner or later, but we genuinely feel we should be challenging at the top right now, but there is never a straight path in life and we will have many twists and turns on our journey.

We have had a few disappointments in the transfer market which are mostly fixed now, and with other issues, some in the public eye, others behind the scenes, it has been a steep learning curve for everyone on the football side.

We are sorry for our disappointing recent form and there is a lot of stress being felt in the manager’s office, but everything that happens makes us wiser and stronger and with your continued support there is only one direction we will take.

We are grateful for fans patience and the unwavering support from the Board Room. The Directors consider us to be a work-in-progress and have certainly been holding us to account, but at the same time are busy behind the scenes writing a 10-year-plan to get us at least to the top of Non-League football. That’s what we call ambition. Who would want to be anywhere else?

This is a tough league, with 20-odd other teams with similar ideas; some extremely well funded and with the benefit of a huge supporter base. We still expect to compete with these sides and won’t rest until we are on at least equal terms. But we have to be realistic and know what we are up against. Our players are desperate to succeed and working very hard.

There will be some great days between now and the end of the season, and we want you all by our side to enjoy those moments with us.

We are a community and family club. Let’s keep that special atmosphere we have always had, and laugh and cry into our beer together! Please stick with us and enjoy the ride. We love this club.

Terry and Luke.