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It's-a-knockout time in the Score Prediction League

Date: 23 February 2018 at 11:00 by Peter Reynolds

Tomorrow marks 'First Round Day' in our score-prediction knock-out competition. All 24 competitors in the our league contest will be taking part, and the ultimate winner will get a £30 voucher to spend in the club shop.

The current top 8 in the score prediction league will get a bye to round 2, leaving the remaining 16 competitors to battle it out to join them.

So Alan Ward, Mel Davis, Jason Timms, Harry Bragginton, Nigel Kane, Anthony McCann, Greg Bartlem and Stuart Wing, you can sit back and relax.

The draw has been made using a random number generator and these are the pairings. (score predictions for the Rocester game are shown with United's goals first). I had to change one pairing as each person had the same result and thus there would never be a winner.

How will we know who wins a particular tie?

A very complex scoring system has been devised that hopefully no-one can understand but me. But essentially, you will start with 10 points, then lose points for errors. For example, if the result is Rocester 0 United 2, and you predict Rocester 1 United 2, you'll lose a point for being 1 out with Rocester's goals. Similarly, if you have United to win and United lose, there will be a penalty etc. Well, anyway, let's see how it works and if I need to rethink on Saturday night !


Carl Prinzel (2-0) v Alfie Green (2-2)
Julie Kane (2-2) v Alan Howe (2-1)
Peter Reynolds (3-1) v Jo Timms (1-2)
Gary Jones (1-0) v Marcus Green (4-0)
Tracey Smithers (3-0) v Lauren Foley (6-1)
Paul Barker (3-1) v Peter Green (2-1)
Keith Green (3-0) v Elizabeth Timms (2-0)
Paul Murphy (3-0) v Heather Reynolds (1-0)

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