JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED | Statement: Mitch Piggon

Statement: Mitch Piggon

Date: 29 December 2017 at 18:55 by Coventry United FC

To all supporters:

You may have read mixed messages regarding Mitch Piggon on social media this afternoon.

We confirm that Mitch has been released by Coventry United and will set out the reasons why:

Mitch agreed to play for Barwell in a 'dual registration' agreement.

Unfortunately, this was completed without the knowledge or consent of the team manager or staff at Coventry United and the club first heard the news via a public tweet from Barwell FC earlier today.

Such behaviour falls short of the level expected from a member of the Coventry United family and will not be tolerated. The rules of common courtesy apply to everyone at the football club, on or off the pitch. 

We thank Mitch for his service in his six months with United, and wish him well in his future career. Steps have already been taken to add firepower to our front line which were coincidentally initiated before this matter came to light. More news on that very soon.

Please follow @covunited and visit coventryunited.co.uk for accurate, speculation-free news on the club. Unlike many others, we will only place messages 'once the deal is done'.

See you all at Sphinx tomorrow.

Coventry United FC.

FOOTNOTE: Barwell had correctly put in 'notice of approach' for Mitch earlier this season and are not to blame. 



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