JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED F.C. | The Dugout - Mens' First Team: Issue 11

The Dugout - Mens' First Team: Issue 11

Date: 04 January 2019 at 18:22 by Liam Cook

Ahead of Saturday's FA Vase 4th Round tie at home to Leicester Nirvana, CUTV's Liam Cook and Coventry United assistant manager Luke Morton look ahead to one of the biggest games in the club's history


Liam - The New Year is here, and new hope with it. What do you hope to achieve with the Red and Greens in 2019


Luke – We’d like to get a few more wins, that would be nice, but apart from that we haven’t really thought much about our goals for the new year.


Liam - 2018 was a year of highs and lows. How can United rectify the lows of last year and replicate the highs?


Luke - To be honest, 2018 was a pretty tough year for us, so we won't be thinking much about the past, we look to the future.


Liam - The defeat to Worcester was a sad end to leave 2018. Does recent form motivate the squad even more to succeed this weekend? Is there a point to prove?


Luke – The Worcester game was a poor performance, so we all know we need to improve. The extra motivation is there, getting into the next round, and yes we feel we have got a point to prove to one or two people


Liam - Leicester Nirvana are not to be taken lightly given their convincing victory over Westfields in the last round. What do you expect from the United Counties side?


Luke - Leicester Nirvana are an excellent side, they are doing a lot better than ourselves in their respective league this season, so they are probably slight favourites ,even though we are at home.


Liam - What difficulties are faced in preparing for a team outside of your division, like Leicester?


Luke – There aren’t really any further difficulties in preparation, as we know a bit about them by watching them and talking to other teams who have played them.


Liam - No matter how Leicester play, United will have an off-field advantage, the Red and Green Army. How can the fans add to Saturday’s occasion?


Luke - The fans are brilliant to us and have supported us through some tough times, so tomorrow the fans will once again support us and get behind us. That of course will spur the lads on.