JS is OFF! COVENTRY UNITED F.C. | The Dugout - Ladies First Team: Issue 14

The Dugout - Ladies First Team: Issue 14

Date: 08 February 2019 at 19:24 by Liam Cook

Crawley revisit Communications Park this week, and Jay provides her thoughts on the FAWNL Cup Quarter Final


Liam - After three weeks without a game, the girls must be raring to go for Sunday's game (Weather permitting)


Jay - Yes they are. It's always frustrating this time of year, but it never seems to get any less frustrating season after season. Everyone just wants to play.


Liam - Crawley Wasps are our visitors to Communications Park in a rematch of the FA Cup defeat last month. Are you on the lookout for payback this weekend?


Jay -  Of course! It's never a good day when you lose, but the manner in which we lost was the most frustrating thing that day. If we can improve on that performance as a whole group then we will have made progress from that defeat.


Liam - You were the first to admit the FA Cup exit was not up to standard. Have the coaches and squad learned from the mistakes of the previous meeting?


Jay -  It really wasn't, and again, that is not the way we do things at Coventry. That defeat has allowed us to look at other aspects of ourselves, and we have done that, moved on and had some positive results since, so yes I would say we took as much as we could from that defeat and made it in to a positive.


Liam - Crawley brought an end to United's unbeaten season, but since we last met Crawley's record has also been extinguished. Will the recent defeats result in a different Crawley team turning up to Daventry?


Jay - Neither team was going to remain unbeaten, so it was just who and when would end the run. Unfortunately for us it was Crawley that did that to us. Crawley are still in great form and their focus, like ours, is the league title, so I have no doubt they will be confident when they arrive on Sunday as cup games are a free hit and allow you to escape the league pressure that we both face week in week out. 


Liam - The conditions in recent weeks will have made pitches around the country soft and boggy. Are you prepared for a softer playing surface?


Jay - We are adaptable and not new to playing on a grass pitch that has taken a lot of rain and snow. The girls will select the right footwear and we will be ready to go on any surface. 


Liam - Behind every great pitch is a great ground team. How has the hard work of the team at Daventry benefitted performances and results at home this season?


Jay - Daventry have been brilliant! They have accommodated our every need. Even last week with the snow, they were working across the Saturday to try and get the game on. Getting games on is clearly their priority and that's great.