The Pyramid

Football in England is part of a pyramid structure with promotion and relegation at the end of the season between different levels in the pyramid. Here we try to explain how the Men's and Women's pyramids are set up and what might happen to our sides at the end of the season.

Men's Side

The men play at 'Step 5' in non-league parlance. The highest level in non-league football is Step 1 or 'The National League'. There are many ex-Football League sides at this level bidding to return and some strong non-league clubs just one promotion away from the Football League. This suggests that in as little as four years time, Coventry United could also be playing for a place in the Football League. Other events may happen of course in the meantime - league structures may change, some teams may elect to drop several levels to support their financial circumstances, others may sadly fold, but each circumstance may create extra spaces and a faster route to the top.

In the table below, look at United in the step 5 line. The number 14 in the rightmost column shows that there are fourteen equivalent or parallel leagues around the country (of which the Midland Football League Premier Division is one). Each of the leagues at this level will promote their top side at the end of the season to the level above with a limited number of second place teams (12 out of 14 - those with the best points-per-game average) joining them.

If United are promoted this year, we will play in the Southern League Division One Central or The Northern Premier League Division One South.

Women's Team

The Women's team play in the third tier, The F.A. Women's National League South. It sounds like the top but there is a little further to go.  If the Ladies hit top spot this year then they will be eligible to take part in a play off with the winners of the F.A. Women's Premier League North for a place in Women's Super League 2. Confused ? This chart may help.

Ground Grading

In either case, the club will have to make changes to Butts Park Arena to be eligible to play at the higher level. Each league requires better facilities the further up the pyramid you travel. The specific requirements will be listed here in due course.