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Guiding Principles

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles have been painstakingly developed to help our club follow the right path and succeed for many years to come. They are a statement of commitment to our stakeholders – our fans, volunteers, players and the community in which we exist. We refer to these values and principles when making every day decisions on the future of our club. 

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Our mission is to run a successful and respected football club for the enjoyment and benefit of the people of Coventry and its environs with community involvement at its heart, built on the principles of fairness, equality, innovation, integrity and transparency.

Core Values

  • Supporters first. Gearing all activities towards increasing and maintaining our supporter, volunteer and sponsorship base. This will enable us to achieve our on pitch goals, fund the club to meet challenges and to enlist the expertise we need to develop the organisation.
  • Recognition of our ‘engine room’. Offer skills development and camaraderie to those that support us.
  • Doing the right thing, first time, to the highest standard and ahead of all others, both on and off the pitch.
  • Accountability. Ensuring everyone from board to volunteers are accountable for the delivery of agreed objectives by embedding rigor, support structures and process to enable everyone do their job confidently, enjoyably and to the best of their ability.
  • Making Coventry United a true Community Football Club, providing all sections of society opportunities to improve life chances and to reach full potential.
  • Justifiable and inclusive decision making at all levels.
  • One Club. Building the ‘one-club’ mentality – all teams and functions are equally important and working.
  • collaboratively for the common good.
  • Sustainability. Ensuring Coventry United retains a proud history and a bright future at all times.

Guiding Principle 1 - FOOTBALL - Our pride and our passion

  • Develop a reputation for attractive, effective, and honest football
  • Play to win in all competitions
  • Observe the spirit of fair-play and recognition of the opposition in defeat
  • Sign players that fit within the team ethos, not for their individual ability
  • Ensure players and staff recognise and appreciate our supporters, sponsors and volunteers
  • Develop a ‘Players’ Charter’ – inclusive of a ‘code of conduct’ and expected off-field commitments
  • Build affiliations with other clubs to source or develop talent
  • Develop and retain coaching talent to build a ‘home-grown’ culture
  • Provide first class development
  • through our Academy

Guiding Principle 2 - SUPPORTERS – Our Lifeblood 

  • Turnstile clicks are our no.1 priority
  • Involve supporters in ideas generation and decision making
  • Know that our club is built on the goodwill and hard work of volunteers
  • Be open, honest and transparent with supporters and stakeholders
  • Make ‘Customer Care’ a key objective
  • Meet the needs of different community groups
  • Leave away supporters with a positive impression of the club
  • Meet the needs of all supporters, including those less able to attend
  • Use effective PR strategies to broaden our appeal and our acceptance into the sporting fabric of the City of Coventry

Guiding Principle 3 - FUNDING – Our Sustainability 

  • Drive revenues whilst containing cost
  • Live and operate within our means, but not ‘hand to mouth’
  • Deliver ‘value for money’ both on and off the pitch
  • Build a contingency fund to deal with the unexpected. Develop strict rules that determine when such a fund may be drawn down
  • Build sustainable and reliable revenue streams whilst exploring new ways to increase turnover
  • Take good care of existing income sources
  • Conduct regular peer reviews of pricing and product offerings
  • Use pre-season friendlies & tours to collaborate with potential sponsors/partners

Guiding Principle 4 - LEAVING A LEGACY 

  • Ensure all stakeholders respect the club’s history and traditions
  • Develop our brand – use logos, nicknames and colours to help readily identify our club
  • Develop our facilities and assets – and fully utilise them for the benefit of our community
  • Maintain a long term strategy, avoid short-term tactical decision making; a football club’s horizon is not the end of the current season
  • Innovate, evolve and adapt to meet ever-changing social needs
  • Develop and act on metrics to foster ‘continuous improvement’
  • Review and refresh these principles regularly
  • Develop individuals within the club, not just players with a view to sustainably growing our football family

Guiding Principle 5 - CORE RESPONSIBILITIES 

  • Maintain and publish an organisation chart which illustrates our decision making hierarchy
  • Define and publish the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of our officials and volunteers
  • Recognise the efforts of our volunteers and nurture them by providing a structure within which they may operate effectively, developing their skills
  • Set objectives for our board and officials and measure delivery of them
  • Base all decision making on these principles and ensure key decisions are validated before implementation commences
  • Take good care of those who have invested in us – our sponsors, investors, supporters and other stakeholders
  • Take a collaborative approach to all decision making and communications. Avoid individual initiatives – share thoughts and ideas not just outcomes
  • Work within workload and capability constraints to ensure the delivery of successful, high quality outcomes
  • Demand exemplary conduct from everyone involved in the club