Who's Who

Founders (2013): Jason Kay, Marcus Green, Pete Schofield, Jason Timms.

For a list of Supporters Club committee members, please see their section of the website. 

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Peter Reynolds @covunitedpete   Email

Peter came on board originally to establish the Supporters Club, and twelve months later joined the board of the football club before succeeding Jason Kay as Chairman at the end of the 2016-17 season. Peter has taken this job by the scruff of the neck in order to co-ordinate all the great work that takes place and ideas that are generated to ensure our future success.

Below: Peter Reynolds, the only one who has to wear a jacket in the heat.

Deputy Chairmen

Marcus Green  Email

Marcus is one of the founders of Coventry United - and an ex-player who understands what it's all about. Marcus is our Finance Director and drives match-day operations.

Below: Marcus Green. Despite being a founder and investor, Marcus is likely to be one of the first people you meet on match-day, selling tickets and programmes near the turnstiles.

Jason Timms @3d_jase   Email

Jason is also a founder of Coventry United and the cool calm presence in the board room. Jason is our front man in our relationship with Coventry Rugby and usually leads in the development of new partner relationships


Board Members

Pete Schofield @schoey08   Email

Pete is another founder member of the club and another ex-player who knows what's needed. Pete enrols new sponsors and everything in between.

Jade Ogle @jadeogle   Email

Jade joined United with the merger of Coventry United Ladies and is, in effect, the Managing Director of the Women's team.

Below: Jade Ogle being interviewed by Peter Reynolds for a future edition of the match-day magazine.

Fraser Griggs @point2s   Email

Fraser, a businessman from 'down under' has strong Coventry sporting connections and is responsible for the club lottery

Below: Fraser trying to work out the offside rule.

Board Member and Football Secretary

Graham Wood @greycov   Email

Graham is a founder member and has really been here longer than any of us - having run the club from which United was born. Graham is also our indispensable Club Secretary.

Below: The calm before the storm for Graham Wood, without whom it would all be impossible.

Welfare Officer

Davinder Dosanjh   Email

Chair of Supporters Club

Marian Davis @mariandavis2   Email

Marian heads up the supporters club with responsibility for setting goals, running meetings and orchestrating the AGM.

Below: Marian ready for action.

Media Team

Nigel Meffen @nigelmeffen   Email

Jen Smith Email

Liam Cook

Jeff Bennett


Greg Bartlem @b7fe709fa3ea409   Email

Below: Always good to have someone in your camp with a hotline to the boss

Football Team Managers

Terry Anderson @tja1028   Email

Below: Team manager Terry Anderson, contemplative before a game.

Jay Bradford @jaybradford91   Email

Below: Enough footballs for one game at Butts Park Arena?


Mark Deeley

Vice Presidents

Keith Green @keithgreen65

Below: "BUY, BUY, SELL, SELL ... United's first VP - Keith Green

Nigel Ward

Below: Nigel received his VP certificate from The Chairman.

Roy Edden


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